Monday, November 25th

25 Nov

Today I posted adoption alerts on facebook and twitter for animals at petco and in foster homes, then I posted event reminders for upcoming events and fundraiser, next I photographed Jasmine, Socks, and Leo the cats as well as Jesse and Jobe the mice for our website, I wrote bios for animals missing bios on our website, updated, and posted thank you’s on our facebook feed for donations made last week. The great giving gig was a huge success on friday! the HL alone raised $25,689.00!

“Meet Leo, quite possibly the friendliest kitty at the Humane League! Leo is a 5 month-old, black, brown and white Domestic Shorthair who loves to get love as much as he loves to give it. Stroke his soft fur and he’ll purr with gratitude! Give him a lap to curl up in and it will only be a matter of seconds before he makes himself comfortable! Leo loves to play and bat toys around on the ground, even stopping sometimes to sneak up on them and pounce! You will fall in love with Leo the moment you meet him, but you have to stop by and meet him first!”

“Jobe is certainly one of the tinniest residents here at the humane league! He is a 5 month-old Domestic mouse with a pair of adorable round ears and incredibly soft white fur! Jobe and his brother Jesse could probably both fit into one hand! Jobe and his brother love to scurry around their cage and play together, but soon after you will find them both curled up together for a cozy nap! Jobe would love to find a forever home with his brother Jesse!”

Jasmine 1


Jasmine 2


Jasmine 3


Leo 1


Leo 2


Socks 1


Jesse & jobe 1

Jesse or Jobe

Jesse & Jobe 3

Jesse or Jobe

Jobe & Jesse 2

Jesse or Jobe


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