Wednesday, November 20th

20 Nov

Took photos of “Holiday Savings” items, posted them on facebook and twitter as well as made collages of them to advertise with. Advertised the Great Giving Gig and posted a timeline schedule of multiple posts to be sent through facebook throughout the duration of the event, wrote Colby’s bio and posted on website, sent through adoption alerts for the upcoming weekend.

Colby’s bio:

“Meet Colby! This happy and friendly little guy has no problem making friends with everyone he meets! He is a 7 year-old Pomeranian mix who looks like he’s got a smile on his face at all times. Poor Colby was taken in as a stray and we found a breeder had tattooed an ID number on his belly. He doesn’t let his rough life get him down though and just making eye contact with him will get his tail wagging! If you’re looking for a pup to cuddle with and keep you warm this winter, Colby’s soft fluffy fur will certainly do the trick! He loves to play outside and he’ll stay right by your side when you walk him on a leash! Colby is an all around loving and friendly dog who would be an excellent addition to any home”

Holiday Savings photos:

everything collage





stocking collage


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