Wednesday, October 30th

30 Oct

Today I posted adoption alerts on facebook for our animals that are at Petco today, then I took photos of the cats who needed photos for our website, and I uploaded them. Then I updated, posted adoption alerts on facebook, and entered donations and donors into our system for Laura. I wrote the following bios:

“Hi my name is Oreo! I’m a one-year-old, male, terrier/ pit bull mix and I love to be with people! My family knew I used to be at the Berks County Animal Rescue League, but they never came to take me back home. I came here to the Humane League of Lancaster County now hoping to find a family who will continue to love me and let me love them. I would love to spend my days playing and chasing toys! I can sit and take my food nicely, and I love going for walks, but sometimes I get a little excited to explore and pull a little. Pet me, play with me, love me and don’t abandon me again, and I will be happiest pup around!”

“Meet little Lucy! This adorable little female, 4-month-old, Australian Cattle dog/ pit bull mix puppy is just as full of love as she is energy! She is  mostly white with a little bit of brown in her coat, she’s got adorable floppy ears, and a tail that won’t stop wagging! Lucy is very social and loves to play and be petted. Her little teeth are still coming in, so give her a toy to chew on and a family that will love her and play with her, and you will make her one very happy pup!”

Here are the photos I took today:

Misty May 2

Misty May

Misty May 1

Misty May

Nirvana 1


Nirvana 2


Sparkle 1


Sparkle 2


Sparkle 3


Spin Doctor 1

Spin Doctor

Spin Doctor 2

Spin Doctor

Spin Doctor 3

Spin Doctor

Ariel 1


Ariel 2


Ariel 3



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