Friday, October 11th

16 Oct

I decided to come in on Friday this week since I was going to be missing Monday during Fall break. Today I came in and updated, then I went over to Hucks House which is our veterinary building to get picture of poor little Jake for Mary’s new release ( ). Jake was transferred here from another shelter and immediately received treatment for a severe wound he had.  When it wasn’t healing right, our doctors decided to do exploratory surgery to see if they could find the problem, and what they found was a 6-inch long popsicle stick lodged inside his chest cavity! I got a picture of Jake with the popsicle stick, showing off his battle scars. I then sent adoption alerts and event reminders through facebook and twitter, wrote out thank you’s to Fulton bank for Facebook and our newsletter, and uploaded those pictures. Then I created a “Beers for Barks at POUR” event on Facebook, found adult canned dog food on amazon and added it to our amazon wish list, and then lastly typed up a short writeup of our need for canned animal food here at the humane league to be posted and linked to our wishlist on Facebook and twitter. Here’s an example of one the writeups for a facebook post:

“Help us keep our doggies’ tummies full and tails wagging! We are greatly in need of canned adult dog food here at the humane league and donations of any size would be greatly appreciated!
Visit our Amazon wish list to see what we need!


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