Monday, September 16th, 2013

18 Sep

Today I wrote up a dog profile for Ella, which I provided an example of below, and I helped Laura get papers together and ready for Comcast who was going to be coming to shoot a segment for “Pets on Demand.” When they arrived I helped the crew with shooting animals by getting them out and ready, playing with the dogs and cats so they could shoot them in action, and helping to coax the small animals such as ginnie pigs out from hiding in their cages so they could be filmed. After that I went back and updated the media memos for the animals that were video taped in their online files, uploaded photos on our Facebook from an outreach event over the weekend, and updated petfinder and our pinterest page, and then finished the day by letting a couple of the dogs out for a little bonus playtime.


Meet Ella! This sweet little girl was brought to us because she wasn’t treated so well in her previous home. She’s hoping that she can find a special family that will love her and take care of her in the way she has always deserved. Ella is a 6 year-old Norwegian Elkhound/Mix with a beautiful black, cream and brown coat. She’s a friendly dog that doesn’t take long to wiggle up to you, but rambunctious children might make her feel a little timid. She loves affection and to be petted and rubbed, and she’s ready to show off her tricks for you as soon as you pull out a treat! She can sit, shake, high five and lay down on command! Believe it or not she has the most fun playing with rocks than with any other toy, so you won’t break the bank on new dog toys! Ella is ready to find her forever home, could that be yours?


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