Wednesday September 11th, 2013

14 Sep

Today I spent a lot of time updating with our adoptable and adopted cats and dogs because this site doesn’t update automatically when animals are adopted like our website does. I also worked on updating our Pinterest account that we post what animals are adoptable on, as well as which animals have been adopted, what upcoming events we have going on, and things like that. Today I took some photos of cats playing on the donated shelving cubby units we got over the weekend to put into the cat play areas. We used those photos in correlation with a thank you write up I wrote to post on our Facebook page and website.

Here is the write up and a sample photo of the cubbies:


Thank you for the cozy cubbies for our colony kitties
September 12, 2013
A huge thank you to the gra­cious per­son who donated the shelv­ing units for our cat colony in need! Our cats have already curled up and made them­selves at home in the lit­tle cub­bies! Our Colony A room was recently trans­formed into a cat colony and was in des­per­ate need of fun, ver­ti­cal objects to climb on and explore! Although the cats were ok with sleep­ing on their beds on the floor, we’re so happy we can now pro­vide them with mul­ti­ple level cub­bies to curl up in at night and test their agility and climb­ing skills on dur­ing the day. We love to keep our kit­ties happy, com­fort­able, and enter­tained! They have already got­ten a lot of use since they were assem­bled, and we know that they will con­tinue to pro­vide enjoy­ment for our cats for years to come! All of our feline friends join in say­ing, thank you for your thought­ful donation!
To view pic­tures of cozy cub­bies and cats please visit our Face­book page at https://​www​.face​book​.com/​h​u​m​a​n​e​league


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