Tuesday September 10th, 2013

14 Sep

I had my dog handling training today so that I would be able to handle the dogs to let them out to play and be able to take pictures of them. This training consisted of getting a tour of the dog kennels and staff rooms,  learning how to leash the dogs as they are being let out of the cages, how to walk them out of the building to the play areas, how to clean up after them, how to sign them in and out of the kennel so everyone knows where they are and when they were let out each day, learning where all of the leashes, treats, toys, blankets, and other supplies are, and how to return them back to their cages and sign them back in. Cynthia was training me, and she as very kind and helpful. Her love for the dogs really showed in her work and I hope that my love for the dogs can be that apparent while I’m working with them as well!


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